PRIVILEGE ONE - The Urban Beauty Guard

Privilege One is the innovative multi-performance treatment that initiates the regeneration processes through its exclusive natural active ingredients. The action of these active ingredients helps protect your skin from everyday stress, giving it a glowing, visibly younger and more toned appearance.

Ageing increasingly depends on how we live. The quality of the air accelerates the biological age of our skin: free radicals increase and the levels of essential constituents and tissue oxygenation decrease.

Lifalia® is now a leading laboratory in Italian cosmetics.
Research conducted over the past few years has led to the development of new Privilege One face and body treatments, the Brand for contemporary women who live in an urban environment and want to recreate boundless beauty with one simple routine.

Lifalia’s research and cosmetic production are 100% Made in Italy.


PRIVILEGE ONE - The Face Essential

The revolutionary multi-performance treatment

Privilege One Face Essential is the revolutionary multi-performance treatment that encompasses the excellence of the most advanced skincare for a perfect face with one simple daily routine.

The innovative Face Essential gives the skin vitality thanks to its concentrated formula and its advanced active ingredients. The exclusive formula enhanced with Alga Skin, Bulbine Frutescens, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C and sunscreens defends your skin against pollutants and UV rays, giving it a glowing and visibly younger appearance.

Independent clinical tests have shown that the skin of the participants was smoother, firmer and more elastic; facial skin was well protected against UV rays and environmental stress. Click here to see the clinical tests.

Enjoy the new vitality of Face Essential, the revolutionary and complete skincare treatment of Privilege One designed for an urban lifestyle.

PRIVILEGE ONE - The Body Essential

The exclusive treatment for the body

Privilege One Body Essential is a truly innovative concentrated cream for a body that is perfect for your urban lifestyle: smooth, firm and visibly younger skin. The unique combination of its advanced active ingredients (Hyaluronic Acid, Glaucine, Alga Skin, Vitamins B, C, E, Trehalose, Biopolymers) protects against pollutants and has a powerful firming and toning action on relaxed and atonic skin.

Independent clinical tests have shown that the skin of the participants was more toned and elastic after just after four weeks. The skin was well protected against environmental stress and UV radiation. Click here to see the clinical tests.

Enjoy the new vitality of Body Essential, the revolutionary and unique treatment to revitalize your body.

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